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Muay Thai Jab Techniques


Jab Basic


The Jab is used to irritate the opponent or to find the range. Accurate and skillful jabbing will cause a lot of anxiety for the opponent. To throw this kind of punching accurately, one has to practice on the punching bag. The jab could be used in the attack, defense, and retreat.

Jab Beginners to advanced video tutorial: 

When in your guard stance with your left forward, snap your left hand forward, swinging your left shoulder forward with it for extra power and weight. You must push off of your right foot as well for that extra shift in your body weight. The jab is used to attack your opponent's face.


Trainers: Pat Muay Thai (Bangkok), Jimmy Bangarang (Bangarang Gym, Chiang Mai), Tanaphong (Team Quest, Chiang Mai), Sean Fagan (kickboxer from US), Bee Charn Chai (Charn Chai, Pai), Tanachon Yingwitayakun (KC, Chiang Mai), Rawai Supa Muay Thai (Phuket).

Aspects of the jab

Jab in different Martial Arts film

In this film you'll see the explanation of how to apply a jab in different martial arts, from different countries.

Performed by:
Sean Douglas - muay thai USA
Florian Garel - Zendokai karate France/Taiwan
PAT - muay thai Thailand
Alexander - Kickboxing Russia
Tanaphong Khunkaew and Pongsiri Piak - muay thai Thailand
Eugeniy - Daido Juku Kudo Russia

Jab Ko Collection

Top Thai Boxing Jab KO compilation

Jab Jab basics in Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Jab from Russian Kickboxing and Muay Thai 

Deep Jab Mechanics

Mistakes in Jab​

text from the books:

"Muay Thai Self Study" by Blackrouse group

"Muay Thai. The Most Distinguished Art Of Fighting" by Panya Kraitus

Muay Thai
Krav Maga
Kyokushin Karate (Kypkushinkai)
Kudo Daido Juku Karate Do