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Muay Thai Techniques


Clinch in Thai Boxing


A multitude of striking techniques exists that can be used effectively from the clinch. Punchingelbows in the clinch, also sometimes referred to as "dirty boxing" is an important aspect of Muay ThaiLethwei and mixed martial artsElbows and short looping punches such as hooks and uppercuts can be used effectively from the single collar tie position. Although disallowed in many combat sports, in Lethwei, the use of headbutt is encouraged and can also be effectively used from the clinch. The short distance in the clinch nullifies kicking to some extent, but some kicks are still effective. In Muay Thai, the double collar tie is used to control an opponent while kneeing to the head or midsection, and stomps are used in some mixed martial arts competitions to kick the feet of the opponent.

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