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Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a hard martial art from Thailand.

Fight Vision presents one of the biggest collections about 8 limbs art of fighting Muay Thai: Muay Thai in Thailand and the whole world, camps and gyms reviews, techniques aspects, interviews with fighters and trainers, motivational video and much more. 

What is Muay Thai:


Muay Thai is the national martial arts of Thailand. Its origins are unknown, but it is assumed to have originated among the soldiers of Thailand’s ancient past. It has been passed down from then until now, its popularity growing throughout the entire world. This world-wide demand for Muay Thai has given the teachers of Muay Thai a new passion for learning and mastering Thailand’s martial arts in order to teach the myriads of students coming to experience this discipline.

Full collection of Muay Thai techniques by professional fighters and trainers

Styles of Muay Thai

Chiang Mai:


Chiang Rai: