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Jab Mistakes in Muay Thai


We can say that jab is the 1st lessons in muay thai after stance. So it real thai boxing 101 techniques when we discuss beginning of striking techniques in muay thai. Does it look easy, right? Just punch. What can be easier, Roman, you better show me high kick in muay thai or show me some Buakaw and Saenchai tricks...but no.


There are a lot of mistakes in this basic muay thai technique for beginners. And not only mauy thai. We can discuss MMA, boxing, kickboxing etc... And I combine a collection from my films with the information about mistakes from different trainers and different styles (most of them a muay thai/thai boxing of course).


In the video:

-Jab mistakes but Thai trainers from South - Tak Muay Thai

-Jab and punching mistakes by karate sensei and pro-MMA fighter (ONE FC) from France - Florian Garel

-Jab mistakes by Jitping - Central Thailand Muay Thai style

-Jab mistakes by professional kickboxer Alex from Russia

-Jabbing and punching with things you should avoid by Thai trainer from Bangkok - Pat (trainer in Contender Asia show in the past) - Pat

-American kickboxer, muay thai fighter (gloves and bare-knuckle fight styles) and hand-to-hand/military combat specialist from US Sean will show us his vision of correct jab hitting.

-North Thailand Lanna muay Thai style and MMA/ONEFC fighter Bing (who is teaching in Singapore now) will also instruct you about correct muay Thai punching techniques and especially about jab mistakes. 

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